The Artist´s Soul

The Artist´s Soul

Contemplating about creativity, creating process, talent, about the magic which is happening around us in any given minute. Thoughts like this are arising for me now more than any time before. I would like to share them with you and take you into my world.

Creativity is within each and every one of us. If we allow it to emerge, it can serve as a healing tool for our soul.


I approach creativity as if it was a garden – all you need to do for it to thrive and blossom is to take care of it.

What is important for my garden is not to long for what others have, not to compare myself with them and not to judge, and criticise the final product.

Instead, look for, discover, and try new things, explore which flower will do well in my garden, notice what is already growing here, which plant will be the best match for me and my garden.

This searching and trying takes time. We need to be patient and not to rush. Roses do not blossom in winter.

As well as a palm tree would not survive winter. We should respect the environment and conditions of our garden.

Take care of it regularly. Not to be attached to it. Water it, but not too much.

Be aware of its beauty and value, protect it from parasites and weed.

Nourish it and let it experience fun. Some animal excrements come handy too, as well as bees, bugs, and ant are certainly welcome.

Let your intuition to guide you, let the higher consciousness to whisper into your ear, listen what to plant where, what to dig out, trim or cut.

At the same time, collect enough information, keep learning which plant needs more sun, which prefers shadow, moist or dry soil.

Not to be the only one taking care of it, be surrounded by like-minded souls which help to mown the garden, bring a new seed or sprout.

Not wanting to keep the garden for ourselves. A bouquete made of fresh flowers can make someone’s day or you can bake a strudel from harvested apples for the whole family.

Not to be afraid to fail. Have the courage to act and mostly

TO TRUST that the plant will grow, the buds will open into bloom, the fruit will ripen.

In such a garden, authenticity, endurance, discipline, bravery, passion, happiness, consistency, patience,  gratitude, humbleness, and faith grow.

Harmony of Opposites

Harmony of Opposites

This article will be a little reflection, pause, and awareness of what the arrival of October has brought me.

I recently completed the Feng Shui course. I was just reading a chapter about Yin and Yang and a few days later, a lucky coincidence brought me to a woman’s circle dedicated to the theme of “Black Madonna”. Suddenly, everything started to fit perfectly in my mind. It just made me realize I had to share my insights with you, too.

In a simplified way, the symbols of Yin and Yang represent the universal harmony. Everything in the world is dual, has its flip side (day and night, Sun and Moon, good and evil, warm and cold…). One can not exist without the other.

With the arrival of the first colder nights I always become grumpy. I feel sorry that the long summer days are coming to an end and the winter’s coming. My hands and feet will be cold all the time. I‘ll have to put on jumpers and winter jackets and my nose will be running. Somehow, I feel more ok with it this year though. The realization that everything is in a harmony has calmed me down. Nothing can last forever.

And then the women’s circle, organized by the amazing Marty Fabiánová, was devoted to a similar topic. It was about the darkness, nature’s process of getting ready for the winter’s sleep, and also dark sides within us. Gisele from Brasil was sharing how she loves autumn and how glad she is to be here when nature is calming down, inviting us to rest, giving us an opportunity to tuck under a duvet with a cuppa. Apparently, in Brasil, the whole year is one big neverending party, always sunny weather. Leonie from Australia was nodding along. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. They can’t be serious, those girls! This is one of my most secret vision (ok, now not so secret anymore) – to be somewhere hot and sunny all year round. In the end, I felt a strange feeling of gratitude. I can appreciate being exactly where I am, a place, where thank to a cycle of seasons I can also experience all my changes, and therefore be more in touch with my feminine energy. (And I can even write about it! J)

Something similar happens in our interiors, too. Would you believe that one of the basic principles is aiming for a contrast, which ideally repeats or alters? This is the best tutorial on how to create chic, yet balanced atmosphere. It can be a contrast of colours. The black and white combo always draws the most attention. A similar effect can be achieved by combining different materials – smooth and rough, glossy and mat etc.

I’m enclosing some pictures which prove that opposites can create a beautiful, even elegant interior.

On the first picture, we can see a white table with black chairs. Also, the ceiling light and the picture frames are black. The floor and walls are white, which makes the black things to stand out beautifully.

Resource: Decoholic  Melina Divani

On the second picture, notice different textures, from rough carpet to soft pillows. Smooth vases are greatly enhanced by rugged and uneven elements on the decorative objects and the lamp.

Resource: decoist The Work

So, how do you feel about the arrival of autumn? Are you warming up your homes yet?

P.S. Note for the female readers who resonated with my experience from the women’s circle. On Saturday, the 10th of October, there will be a whole-day workshop devoted to Black Madonna. See more info HERE.


Film bathroom

Film bathroom

I recently saw the film Gloomy Sunday. While watching the big love story from Budapest in the 1930’, during the scene when beautiful Ilona and her boyfriend László are having a feast in a stand-alone bathtub, to be precise, I thought to myself „Wow, how beautiful is that!“ The whole room filled with plants, there’s a large window and lots of light, golden retro accessories.. Yes, the wow was for the bathroom interior. I got busy and created an inspiration board which I’m happy to share with you.

Resourse of pictures: Pinterest

Let me know if you’ve seen this film. What do you like most about films? Maybe funny lines, thrilling moments or something else, for example, interesting interiors?

Lately, I hardly ever get a chance to watch a film. And when it actually happens at home (or I even go to the cinema), the film keeps living in me for some time afterward. In my mind, the main characters become my good friends. The plots keep racing through my head for the next few weeks. And at times, I visualize myself at the place from the film I like. Is it just me or does it happen to you too?

                                                      Resourse: movie – Smutná neděle – Píseň o lásce a smrti (

Stop browsing, start buying AKA My first art fair

Stop browsing, start buying AKA My first art fair

Last weekend, I took part in the International Festival of Contemporary Art in Průmyslový palác (Industrial Palace) in Holešovice.

The entire hall was filled up with stunning pieces of art. Though, I’m not going to lie to you, not that many people were there to appreciate it. Not even the musical program succeeded to attract crowds. Well, certainly not as big ones as Hamburger Fest next door.

Being a newbie exhibitor, I had to muster up courage to go out with my canvases, which I’ve put a piece of myself in. I was waiting nervously if people will be interested in my art, how they will perceive it… I was silently observing the shuffling visitors. Some didn’t stop by, just glanced briefly, not to feel obliged to chat. The ones who were happy to chat were people on a similar path, experimenting at home and seeking some inspiration. One man game me a thumb up. Some winked and smiled, took a picture and carried on walking elsewhere. Even few collectors of leaflets and business cards appeared, filing them carefully into their folders, not caring if the artists were making abstract art, statues or bracelets. They were taking everything.

It was a very precious experience indeed. I pushed myself to complete unfinished paintings and start new ones. I’ve also learned quite a few new lessons for next time. For example, at such an event, it’s much better to exbibit two or three bigger canvases to draw people’s attention. Many tiny pictures give the impression of a flea market, therefore aren’t suitable as the buyers are few and it’s important to gain their attention.

All my exhibited canvases contained floral motives. I value the most the oil canvases with iris and water lilies.


I signed up for the fair with Dan (my beloved), who presented his new project Good Picture here – art photography made using alternative techniques without the use of digital technology. It’s actually a form of noble print from gelatinous negatives.

In addtion, our stall was added to by his previously painted canvases. An unrivaled success was gathered by The Girl with a Bag (we call her The Bitch). There were remarks such as: “She had to be really ugly.“ “Does she even have a face under that bag?“ The truth is that Dan snapped a poster in a pub’s bathroom and then lovingly used is as a dummy for drawing graceful curves. When he reached the girl’s face, he got a breakthrough idea to take a piece of jute and cover the face with it.

I‘d like to thank my mum and dad for coming to support me and also to my friends who stopped by at our stall no.52. I really appreciate it.

And where do you buy paitings with soul directly from the author?

Chill out corner

Chill out corner

Those of you who follow me on Instagram have already had a peak view of my relax zone. At the time, I promised you to see more of it in one of my future blogs. Many things have happened since. The bamboo dried out and the herbs wilted, for example. This was helped by our enthusiastic builders who’d started to work on our fasade. Escaping from dust was mission impossible. The chill out corner was therefore out of focus. Anyone who‘s gone through the hell of waking up by the sound of jackhammer understands…

First essential step was preparing the space. Clearing it out and getting rid of all the stuff that got gathered here over the years, as the area used to serve as a storage. And then it was needed to peel off the wall, paint it, grind and paint the bar, wash and paint the concrete floor, clean the old lantern. I’m mentioning all of this to emphasise that you mustn’t get discouraged. If you have a similar storage space in your home, go ahead with clearing it out. The feeling of satisfaction is worth it!

All done now and the space is ready for the more pleasant stage – furnishing. I used three palettes and matraces designed for this purpose as a cool sofa. The rocking chair by a Czech designer is just irresistable. Once you sit in it, you don’t want to get up. So, even though it’s quite tight fit, the chair just has to be there. 🙂

Bamboo is super important. It’s perfect for covering corners. It also has a bright sunny energy and it oozes joy. This can have a positive effect on growth of success, happiness and wealth, as the feeling of joy attracts it.

Intimate lighting is a must. Lights and candels can create the right asmosphere for relaxation and rejuvenation. Chilling out with a glass of wine or a cup of lemon balm tea and burning candles on long summer nights is the best form of relaxation I know of. Candles also represent a symbol of flaming love between two people. 🙂