Those of you who follow me on Instagram have already had a peak view of my relax zone. At the time, I promised you to see more of it in one of my future blogs. Many things have happened since. The bamboo dried out and the herbs wilted, for example. This was helped by our enthusiastic builders who’d started to work on our fasade. Escaping from dust was mission impossible. The chill out corner was therefore out of focus. Anyone who‘s gone through the hell of waking up by the sound of jackhammer understands…

First essential step was preparing the space. Clearing it out and getting rid of all the stuff that got gathered here over the years, as the area used to serve as a storage. And then it was needed to peel off the wall, paint it, grind and paint the bar, wash and paint the concrete floor, clean the old lantern. I’m mentioning all of this to emphasise that you mustn’t get discouraged. If you have a similar storage space in your home, go ahead with clearing it out. The feeling of satisfaction is worth it!

All done now and the space is ready for the more pleasant stage – furnishing. I used three palettes and matraces designed for this purpose as a cool sofa. The rocking chair by a Czech designer is just irresistable. Once you sit in it, you don’t want to get up. So, even though it’s quite tight fit, the chair just has to be there. 🙂

Bamboo is super important. It’s perfect for covering corners. It also has a bright sunny energy and it oozes joy. This can have a positive effect on growth of success, happiness and wealth, as the feeling of joy attracts it.

Intimate lighting is a must. Lights and candels can create the right asmosphere for relaxation and rejuvenation. Chilling out with a glass of wine or a cup of lemon balm tea and burning candles on long summer nights is the best form of relaxation I know of. Candles also represent a symbol of flaming love between two people. 🙂