Contemplating about creativity, creating process, talent, about the magic which is happening around us in any given minute. Thoughts like this are arising for me now more than any time before. I would like to share them with you and take you into my world.

Creativity is within each and every one of us. If we allow it to emerge, it can serve as a healing tool for our soul.


I approach creativity as if it was a garden – all you need to do for it to thrive and blossom is to take care of it.

What is important for my garden is not to long for what others have, not to compare myself with them and not to judge, and criticise the final product.

Instead, look for, discover, and try new things, explore which flower will do well in my garden, notice what is already growing here, which plant will be the best match for me and my garden.

This searching and trying takes time. We need to be patient and not to rush. Roses do not blossom in winter.

As well as a palm tree would not survive winter. We should respect the environment and conditions of our garden.

Take care of it regularly. Not to be attached to it. Water it, but not too much.

Be aware of its beauty and value, protect it from parasites and weed.

Nourish it and let it experience fun. Some animal excrements come handy too, as well as bees, bugs, and ant are certainly welcome.

Let your intuition to guide you, let the higher consciousness to whisper into your ear, listen what to plant where, what to dig out, trim or cut.

At the same time, collect enough information, keep learning which plant needs more sun, which prefers shadow, moist or dry soil.

Not to be the only one taking care of it, be surrounded by like-minded souls which help to mown the garden, bring a new seed or sprout.

Not wanting to keep the garden for ourselves. A bouquete made of fresh flowers can make someone’s day or you can bake a strudel from harvested apples for the whole family.

Not to be afraid to fail. Have the courage to act and mostly

TO TRUST that the plant will grow, the buds will open into bloom, the fruit will ripen.

In such a garden, authenticity, endurance, discipline, bravery, passion, happiness, consistency, patience,  gratitude, humbleness, and faith grow.