These canvases were hatching their way into the world during the time of my life when the interior
design dream had still been fast asleep. I was working for a corporate company and I couldn‘t
imagine a day without Excel and SAP.

At the very same time, a friend of mine was refurbishing her flat. Her favourite flower is lavender,
so she wanted to have everything in lilac, white and grey tones. She knew I had been painting in
my free time, so she approached me and I agreed to paint a picture of lavender for her.
I was over the moon. Hurray, let’s roll! Two different concepts were born in my head. The canvas
was meant to be placed in a bedroom. I had a very clear vision of a dreamlike lavender field. And
then another concept came to me – more abstract and perhaps also more unique. I simply
couldn’t resist the temptation to bring it to life too. So, two canvases were born. The concept of
the first one was agreed on, the second one was meant to be a surprise.

This was a pivot moment for me. While painting the lavender canvases, various thought were
crossing my mind…What would it be like to make a living from this? People seeking me out,
wanting more canvases. What would it feel like to have my own brand? And how would I
present myself? Kateřina Klímová? It didn’t sound quite right. Kateřina Klímová. The name which
has a personal number assigned to it, can be found in all those databases in school, banks, at
work…My mind was full of flowers. I paint flowers, plant flowers, I’m into flowers. I love all the
flowers, plants and blooms… I wrote my family name down on a sheet of paper. Katka. And
another word right next to it. Kytka (bloom). Wow! Kakytka? No. And what about Kykatka? Yesss,
that’s it! Like the Tillandsia plant sitting on my desk. Simply KYKATKA.

The lavender paintings were the first canvases signed by this name. In fact, I owe lavender for giving birth to my brand
Kykatka. So, thanks a lot, lavender!

P.S. My friend ended up taking both paintings. One decorates her bedroom, the other one her
living room.