This article will be a little reflection, pause, and awareness of what the arrival of October has brought me.

I recently completed the Feng Shui course. I was just reading a chapter about Yin and Yang and a few days later, a lucky coincidence brought me to a woman’s circle dedicated to the theme of “Black Madonna”. Suddenly, everything started to fit perfectly in my mind. It just made me realize I had to share my insights with you, too.

In a simplified way, the symbols of Yin and Yang represent the universal harmony. Everything in the world is dual, has its flip side (day and night, Sun and Moon, good and evil, warm and cold…). One can not exist without the other.

With the arrival of the first colder nights I always become grumpy. I feel sorry that the long summer days are coming to an end and the winter’s coming. My hands and feet will be cold all the time. I‘ll have to put on jumpers and winter jackets and my nose will be running. Somehow, I feel more ok with it this year though. The realization that everything is in a harmony has calmed me down. Nothing can last forever.

And then the women’s circle, organized by the amazing Marty Fabiánová, was devoted to a similar topic. It was about the darkness, nature’s process of getting ready for the winter’s sleep, and also dark sides within us. Gisele from Brasil was sharing how she loves autumn and how glad she is to be here when nature is calming down, inviting us to rest, giving us an opportunity to tuck under a duvet with a cuppa. Apparently, in Brasil, the whole year is one big neverending party, always sunny weather. Leonie from Australia was nodding along. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. They can’t be serious, those girls! This is one of my most secret vision (ok, now not so secret anymore) – to be somewhere hot and sunny all year round. In the end, I felt a strange feeling of gratitude. I can appreciate being exactly where I am, a place, where thank to a cycle of seasons I can also experience all my changes, and therefore be more in touch with my feminine energy. (And I can even write about it! J)

Something similar happens in our interiors, too. Would you believe that one of the basic principles is aiming for a contrast, which ideally repeats or alters? This is the best tutorial on how to create chic, yet balanced atmosphere. It can be a contrast of colours. The black and white combo always draws the most attention. A similar effect can be achieved by combining different materials – smooth and rough, glossy and mat etc.

I’m enclosing some pictures which prove that opposites can create a beautiful, even elegant interior.

On the first picture, we can see a white table with black chairs. Also, the ceiling light and the picture frames are black. The floor and walls are white, which makes the black things to stand out beautifully.

Resource: Decoholic  Melina Divani

On the second picture, notice different textures, from rough carpet to soft pillows. Smooth vases are greatly enhanced by rugged and uneven elements on the decorative objects and the lamp.

Resource: decoist The Work

So, how do you feel about the arrival of autumn? Are you warming up your homes yet?

P.S. Note for the female readers who resonated with my experience from the women’s circle. On Saturday, the 10th of October, there will be a whole-day workshop devoted to Black Madonna. See more info HERE.