Need a hand with arranging your home?

Not sure what light, sofa, or coffee table to choose?

Dreaming about beautiful, yet practical kitchen?

Struggling with harmonizing colors in your home?

Puzzled how to create unique homely atmosphere you can draw positive energy from?

Or just want to make yourself happy with a new canvas?

…then you’ve landed at the right place. It’ll be my pleasure to help you with it.

I am Kateřina Klímová.

I am creative soul and love interior design.

I like to make people happy and enriching their interior with my paintings. Paintings have the ability to harmonize colors in a space or become a focal point. Each canvas holds a magical power within. It can change the energy in the room and also one’s mood.

I believe that an environment where we are in are affecting our lives. It is my pleasure to help create such a space, where you feel great.

Interior Design Consultation

I will be asking you a lot of questions.  We’ll go throught the process of finding optimal solutions for your amazing home. I’ll help you to create a vision of what direction to take in refurbishing your home. I’ll point you to the right shops; help you with style and choosing materials that suit you.  . 

Interior Design Services

You’ll get a complete interior design proposal. We’ll start with creating some inspiration (moodboard). Then you’ll see the furniture layout in a floor plan and receive a simple visualization. We’ll be working with a specific shopping list and budget. 

Simply complete solution for your interior.


Do you need to complete, brighten up or diversify your interior? Missing a focal point in your kitchen or living room? Let a unique painting to spark joy in your life or life of your loved one. If you have a favourite motiv, tell me about it!

Let me decorate your space.

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