It’s my great pleasure to help you create a space, in which you’ll just feel amazing. Understanding the complexity of what influences the right atmosphere in a room, tricks and tips for stunning and harmonious home, its transformation into an oasis for perfect relaxation and rejuvenation, surrounding self with beautiful objects – all of this is my great passion. I’ll be more than happy to share it with you too.

I love making people happy, painting canvases which complete or compliment an interior, unify colors in a space or draw one’s attention. Each painting possesses a magical power. It has a power to completely change the energy and mood in a room. I‘m convinced that the environment we spend time in significantly influences and co-creates our lives.

What’s my story?

My passion for interior design started to shape up when I was moving house for a zillionth time. There were big reconstructions ahead of me. I‘ve always been keen on buying home magazines and watching various home shows. Buying my first interior design books and visiting showrooms followed quite naturally. Before soon, I realized it was like a magnet pulling me to explore more and more. I signed up for Jana Pěkná’s course The foundation of Interior Design, bought at least ten more books about interior design and feng shui, started to attend university lectures, visit home shows and I also completed a Kitchen Design course by Ivana Bastlová. And tha’s how it all started.

The more I was diving into the magic of interior design, the stronger the calling to devote myself to do it full-time was. My youth passion for doing DIY stuff in my dad’s carpentry workshop emerged again. I was going back to more technical processes I vaguely remembered from college. Even my passion for painting fitted in perfectly. It’s a great form of relaxation and therapy in one for me.

The biggest leap was the decision to change my career path. It meant leaving my safe corporate nest where I had spent seven great years and starting to work for a small family business. This enabled me to work only part-time and combine the two worlds – the corporate world and the freelancing one. I’ve been making my dreams come true for two years now. I am helping in the designer’s club in Jana Pěkná’s school of interior design and the portfolio of my satisfied clients is growing by each day.

I’m very glad I’ve made this change happen. It’s never too late and everything has its perfect timing.

I’m not an architect as people sometimes call me. I won’t help you to build your house from scratch, but I can help you harmonize your home while co-working with architects. If you feel something’s missing in your home or you are lost with choosing the right colors, furniture or accessorize, that’s exactly what we can figure out together.

What can you expect from me?

I can help you to create amazing home the best when you share important details with me. For example, how often you have people over, if you rather relax or exercise at home, how much stuff you store etc. Our cooperation can work well only when there’s mutual trust and transparency. Do you know what you like? And do you like it because your friends have it or because it really resonates with you? Maybe you are only used to it. Or perhaps you’ve bought it to stand out. The list of possible reasons is endless. I won’t judge you. I’ll listen, respect your choices and help you implement rules which work. I’ll guide you and support you to make things you like look good in your home.

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